About Endeavor Atomic Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania

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About Endeavor Atomic Tiny Homes

During the pandemic, the team at Endeavor was busy operating Tiny Estates, a thriving tiny home community in Elizabethtown. Founded in 2018, Tiny Estates functioned as a showcase for unique tiny home models built around the country. Having operated the largest tiny home community for years, and working with many builders and tiny home supporters to give the public an opportunity to experience tiny living on a nightly basis, the team gained immeasurable experience.

From that experience, our team became uniquely positioned to provide perspective on the benefits and challenges of tiny house living. Designed by our partners, Liv-Connected and manufactured by Atomic Homes, the via series was created for construction of complex, high quality and rapidly deployable housing.  

The spark for ATOMIC started over thirty years ago with London-based production designer Tom McPhillips. He became known for creating innovative sets that traveled lightly, set up quickly and looked dramatic on stage.

They have grown to encompass a deep pool of world-class professionals. From drafting, to welding, to 3D animation, we create immersive environments for the world’s top bands, biggest brands, and now tiny homes.

To cross over into home construction, we partnered with Liv-Connected, a team of award-winning architects, modular construction experts and a healthcare professional. Their company mission is to revolutionize the housing industry by offering high design at a low cost, and improve as many lives as possible with wellness-focused, thoughtful & affordable design. Together, these incredible teams brought the Liv-Connected VIA to market.

Now, with vast industry knowledge, world class manufacturing and award winning designers, Endeavor is able to exclusively sell tiny homes. Identifying the ever growing housing need, our team is excited to provide clients with a one of a kind product!